One Ring Zero mixes touches of klezmer with theremin, brass and, gasp, brains, to create records that have attracted wide critical acclaim. —The Washington Post
image description One Ring Zero Joshua Camp, Ian Riggs, Ben Holmes, Michael Hearst, and Timothy Quigley (Photo by Chris Smith/Photography.
by Michael Hearst

A Brief History of One Ring Zero.

Joshua Camp and I formed One Ring Zero in 1998 while working at the Hohner musical instrument repair center in Richmond, VA. Eight hours a day, five days a week, we tuned and repaired accordions and harmonicas. Occasionally one of us would poke a head out from behind his workstation to fire a rubber band at the other, or make random noises on the intercom. On weekends, Joshua and I would gather in my makeshift basement studio to record circus-esque songs, using as many of the bizarre musical instruments we had collected from Hohner as possible, as well as instruments from various thrift shops, and from travels to foreign countries.
While some bands are busy competing to see whose jeans are the skinniest, the guys in One Ring Zero march to the sound of their own accordion –Air & Space Smithsonian
image description One Ring Zero (Michael Hearst left, Joshua Camp, right). Chris Smith/Photography.

One Ring Zero

is led by Joshua Camp and Michael Hearst. The current lineup includes Camp and Hearst, along with Ben Holmes, Timothy Quigley, and Ian Riggs. The band has released nine albums since their formation in 1999, including the acclaimed literary collaboration As Smart As We Are (aka The Author Project), which features songs with lyrics contributed by such authors as Jonathan Lethem, Margaret Atwood, Paul Auster, Dave Eggers, A.M. Homes, Rick Moody, Neil Gaiman, and Denis Johnson. Their previous album, Planets, is a collection of new compositions to represent the solar system and beyond. One Ring Zero has performed at music venues and cultural institutions including the Whitney Museum of Art, Central Park Summer Stage, The Kennedy Center, Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre, Spring Scream in Taiwan, Era in Tokyo, New Morning in Paris, The Chicago World Music Festival, and the Fundacion Principe de Asturia in Spain. The band’s music has been featured in dance concerts, films, television, animations, fashion shows, and NPR programming including This American Life, Fresh Air, and Morning Edition.
…never mind the Billboard charts, these guys ought to be on the Times bestseller list. -The Boston Phoenix